“Core Arts Pilates put me in the best shape of my life, especially as I prepared for Miss America. Thank you Sharmila and the Core Arts Staff for giving me the confidence and the ability to live healthy. I’m addicted to Core Arts Pilates.”  - Leah Cecil, Miss California 2013
“I have worked out at all of the exclusive clubs and had trainers that were anywhere from $150 – $250 an hour. I looked great but I didn’t feel great. I got an MRI and my doctor suggested physical therapy- and, I found Core Arts. I went three (3) times a week for over a year and it was so amazing. The only reason I stopped was because I moved out of the state. I miss my private sessions with Sharmila. I had such a blast and I was in the best shape of my life. If you want to give yourself the most luxurious gift- do Pilates with Sharmila, at least two (2) times a week. You only live once, and your health is truly the most important part of living. If you feel great, look great, you are truly great in every area of your life!” – Nicole W., September 2011
“I have worked with Sharmila for many years and don’t hesitate for a moment to highly recommend her. Sharmila doesn’t just work you through a routine.  She designs the work she does with you to exactly fit your body’s needs.  Her work includes her sincere warmth and concern for you, body and soul. Sharmila demands the highest standards of excellence from herself and this translates to your benefit. I treasure every minute I have spent with her.” - Dorene L., June 2011

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