The Reformer Class at Core Arts Pilates

We are excited to announce our group reformer class starting at our Anaheim Hills studio!  The reformer provides a different set of exercises from the tower/cadillac since the entire carriage moves, as opposed to isolating leg and arm springs.  It complements the exercises on the tower, due to the resistance created by the pulley and same spring system.  This provides a more challenging strength and endurance workout.  The reformer workout allows for faster change in the body by transforming the arms and legs, and strengthening the deep abdominal muscles – making it a coveted piece of equipment in Pilates.

Reformer class is limited to three people, to get individual attention from the instructor.  Small group classes result in more detailed attention, which assists in faster results.  We anticipate that these classes will fill quickly, so please reserve your spot now – especially if you want to add it as a secondary class.  There are morning and evening classes available to accommodate everyone’s schedules.

Please call the studio to reserve your spot today!
(714) 970-7068