Classical Pilates

At the epicenter of Core Arts is our classical Pilates practice.

Core Arts features Orange County’s most sought-after Pilates instructors. Our instructors are all fully certified, having gone through a training rigor only possible through traditional Pilates apprenticeship programs. The studio features Pilates equipment manufactured by Gratz and Peak, widely regarded as the best equipment available in the industry.

Our movement specialists provide all new clients with a quick consult, where we will create customized workout programs, individually tailored to fit your needs. These programs will consist of systematically paced classes, which can either be a private, semi-private or group lesson. Each class is designed to build over the previous one, continuing the growth of the client’s physical conditioning. Some of our more popular class formats include:


A private session is the most effective way to learn, practice and perfect Pilates performance. The instructor devotes undivided attention to a student’s specific needs and develops a customized program to produce optimum results.

These sessions encompass all Pilates equipment: Cadillac, Reformer, High Chair, Wunda Chair, High Barrel and Small Barrels. It is worthwhile to invest in private classes, especially when you are just starting out. Students can establish an understanding and competence in the fundamental Pilates principles through one-on-one focus and feedback, and then branch out from there. We offer pricing discounts when you purchase a 5-session or a 10-session package.


These two-person (duet) Pilates sessions are a little more economical per participant than a private lesson, but still allows for plenty of individual assessment, guidance and monitoring. Various mat and equipment exercises can be approached in these sessions. At the Center, duet sessions have been a long-time favorite for our clients. Ideally, participants should be of similar level, but our instructors can offer modifications and variations to accommodate different levels of students.

Pilates Intensives

Pilates intensive classes includes classic mat work with Pilates equipment. You will experience some of your favorite exercises including Arm and Leg Springs, Push Through, Reverse Push Through and work with the Roll Back Bar. There is a maximum of 4 people for the class.

Pilates Bootcamp

How Pilates was intended to be! Available to our advanced Pilates clients, this class fosters a rigorous pace that brings a well rounded workout in each session. Equipment use touches all the main apparatus including mat, reformer and cadillac/tower.