BodyStrategies for Dancers

coreartspilates-thingmillergroup-48-of-77-copyBodyStrategies for Dancers is a hands-on, dance conditioning practice developed by Core Arts.

BodyStrategies enforces tested dance conditioning techniques, along with the latest innovations in the dance medicine practice aimed at the optimization of a dancer’s athleticism, plus the principles and techniques of classical Pilates. All of this is used to enhance and unlock each dancer’s full potential.

BodyStrategiesTM is highly personalized and positive training for dancers aspiring to make the art a profession. The philosophy behind BodyStrategies is about changing the perception of a dancer’s body for what it is: a body of an athlete. In a caring and respectful way, BodyStrategies offers clear and concise dance movement therapy instruction, tailored to a dancer’s individual needs. To prevent or recuperate quicker from injuries and further develop strength, BodyStrategies for Dancers is a year-round program, not just during the off-season or sporadically during the dance season.

  • Reinforce the muscles you use in dance by performing tested and improved exercises
  • Increase your balance and release tension throughout your body for greater flexibility
  • Cultivate your command of leg and torso power to infuse tighter turns and higher jumps
  • Understand the technicalities behind each dance move, allowing you more control without the risk of injuries.
  • Fully realize your athletic potential by understanding anatomical purposes of muscles used most in movement.