Our innovation at Core Arts revolves around our clients.

In an effort to never stay static, the Core Arts now offers the GYROTONIC® method as a part of its curriculum. The GYROTONIC® method uses specialized equipment that permits one to move with support and resistance, embracing key principles found in swimming, dance, yoga, tai chi, and gymnastics, and emphasizes continuous, flowing movements, synchronized with corresponding breath patterns.

“If I have the time, I take Pilates mat classes, GYROTONIC® privates using the reformers, and occasionally will run on the elliptical machine.” – Misty Copeland, American Ballet Theatre

As a standalone system or as a compliment to Pilates, GYROTONIC® is an effective exercise practice that helps increase circulation, cardiovascular stimulation, joint mobility, strengthening of the nervous system, spine mobilization, and improved coordination.

Core Arts offers GYROTONIC® private sessions in half-hour and one-hour increments.