Core Arts Pilates

5 Tips to Turn Your Pilates Practice from Good to Great

Tip #1: Come early for your session

Maximize your sessions as much as possible by getting in early for your session, so you get to use up your full time slot. By getting in early, you will have time to warm up which will make your muscles more responsive during your workout.

Tip #2: Come prepared 

Come dressed for Pilates success! Wear proper attire (with sticky socks if possible) and your hair up so that it doesn’t get in your way while you move or get stuck in the equipment. We’ve seen this happen when a client’s long hair got stuck in the reformer. Ouch!

Tip #3: Communicate your goals and intentions

We love seeing all our clients meet their goals. Whether it’s fitness goals or optimizing a dance technique, we’re here to help you get to the finish line. But unless you let us know, we can’t help.

Tip #4: Stay focused

During your session, it may be tempting to start talking about how your day was and not concentrate on your Pilates technique. Keep the focus on what you are doing, and you will maximize your efforts, getting you to your goals faster. Remember, focus makes perfect!

Tip #5: Be consistent, practice often

We have seen a dramatic transformative change in clients who are dedicated to their practice. Some come once a week but most come twice a week and even three times a week. Pilates is a progressive exercise method; we also want you to progress so we can introduce new exercises to benefit your workout and well-being. Inconsistency in your schedule means we have to start you on a beginner level. It’s like starting over. When we make a correction, it takes practice and consistency to anchor the correction. So cancel less, practice more!