Core Arts Pilates

Pilates Benefits

Promotes Weight Loss and Lean Appearance

Combined with aerobic activity, Pilates is the best body toning and weight loss method. Unlike typical gym exercises, the approach is gentler on the body’s joints and muscles without sacrificing a true full-body workout.

Mind Body Fitness and Awareness

Properly supervised Pilates exercises infuses correct breathing and movement into an invigorating fitness regimen. All movements in Pilates focus on core strengthening and correct movement – developing this decreases the chance on injuring the body, as well as rehabilitating and correcting damage from improper movement.


Since the focus of Pilates is core strengthening, it works for every body type. Whether you are currently active or just starting, the integrative approach and tailored body work is specific to your body alone.

Strength Without Bulk

Pilates works on lengthening and toning the muscles without bulking them. The integrated, core-focused approach is designed to work within the context of your body, as you move in your daily routines.

Increased Flexibility

As your muscles are stretched, lengthened and strengthened, you naturally become flexible as you work through your body’s range of motion. The goal is maximize your body’s potential, whether you are naturally flexible or experience tightness, there is always room for growth.

Core Strength and Improved Posture

Your core muscles are located deep in the back, abdomen, and pelvic areas. A fully develop core gives you proper movement and coordination of all you muscles and joints. A strong core supports your entire body frame so you don’t overcompensate in one area, which could lead to long term bodily damage.

A naturally strong core promotes good body alignment. You will feel lengthened and more in balance as you move in and about your daily activities.

Increased Energy

As in any fitness regiment, you will feel more energetic. Pilates promotes proper breath and body circulation that stimulates the spine and muscles – leaving you feeling holistic feeling of good and a better appreciation of your body.