Fabiola Centeno

Fabiola CentenoFabiola earned her degree from Universidade Metodista do Sulin in her native country of Brazil. She started her career in home healthcare, assisting the elderly with rehabilitation. In April 2000, she opened her own physical therapy studio for rehabilitation in Orthopedics and Traumatology and Plastic Surgery rehabilitation (post surgeon restorative and cosmetic).

She focused on the rehabilitation of patients with post breast surgery issues, circulation, and lymphatic problems. In March 2003 she decided to close her studio and occupy herself exclusively to rehabilitation work in dermatology and plastic surgery. In October 2005 she became a Physical Therapist in Fisioterapia Dermato-Funcional.

In March 2006 she moved to Italy. Continuing with vascular rehabilitation, gave her the opportunity to discover other working methods, in the same time, she returned to collaborate with several private orthopedics and traumatology facilities in Rome.

In 2013 she discovered the GYROTONIC® method and remained fascinated with this technique. Seeing the execution of the movements, she saw the potential of training body and mind by using the methodology  for rehabilitation purposes. She began training at The White Cloud GYROTONIC® Studio in Rome, Italy. In 2014 she became a licensed GYROTONIC® trainer, and a year after, she moved to California where she started teaching. She is currently preparing to take the exam to recognize her physical therapy degree in the U.S. via the California Physical Therapy Board.