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Karly Kazanjian

Karly Kazanjian

This article was originally published on Core Arts’ Facebook Page. Check out Karly’s full professional profile on her Linkedin Page.

“I’m surprised at how I grow more passionate about (Pilates) everyday; there is no better feeling than to see clients transform into their ideal self due to my service to them.”

Tell us about yourself
Growing up with a passion for dance, music, and performing, I trained and competed in dance, as well as worked professionally as a dancer in the entertainment industry at a young age. I slowly began to direct my focus on music: singing and song writing, and worked as a dance instructor. Graduating high school in three years aided me in getting an early start in college, as I am finishing up my last year studying Communication Studies at Loyola Marymount University.
When did you first encounter Pilates?
I had the pleasure of encountering Pilates at an extremely young age with Sharmila. She taught Pilates privates in her small space inside my dance studio. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to Pilates while I was intensively training in dance; I saw, felt, and experienced changes nearly immediately.
What inspired you to become a Pilates instructor?
As one of the first young dancers Sharmila had instructed, and reflecting on how I benefitted invaluably from Pilates, I was inspired to help guide not only dancers, but anyone who seeks greater health & strength.
What has surprised you about being a Pilates apprentice?
I’m surprised at how I grow more passionate about it everyday; there is no better feeling than to see clients transform into their ideal self due to my service to them.
What is your favorite Pilates exercise so far?
Spine Stretch Forward on the Mat may seem simple, but I find it to be one of my favorite Pilates exercises because I find small, controlled movements very challenging.
What do you plan on doing once you become a certified instructor?
As I still focus on music, I could see myself possibly instructing fellow artists on a tour (that is the dream), yet with this certification the possibilities are nearly endless.
Why did you choose to get certified at Core Arts?
I knew Core Arts was the only choice of training for me, not only because of my history with Sharmila but how she goes beyond the exercises, teaching us her knowledge gained throughout her experiences, and preparing us for nearly any client or injury. As I get older and practice Pilates more and more, I have a deeper appreciation for its numerous benefits.

Editor’s note: I would be remiss if I did not mention that Karly has her brilliant music available for download on iTunes. Check her website out: