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Megan Wisler

This article was originally published on Core Arts’ Facebook Page. Check out Megan’s full professional profile on her Linkedin Page.

“After experiencing the results of Pilates myself, I decided I wanted to learn the craft to better understand the method and magic behind the practice.”

Tell me about yourself
I am a fun, outgoing, and sometimes quirky, young woman who enjoys the occasional Netflix binge with my husband Jordan. We live in Orange with our two rescue dogs and met while pursuing our BA in Communications Studies degrees from Chapman University. I am an active volunteer with the Miss California Organization and help local pageants prepare young ladies in pursuing their dreams. I have worked at the Disneyland Resort in Entertainment for the past five years and enjoyed making magic everyday and seeing the smiles on the faces of young kids and adults alike. I am truly excited to give back to others through my love of Pilates and help others achieve their goals and become a better version of themselves.
When did you first encounter Pilates?
My first experience with Pilates was during my fitness preparation for the Miss California pageant. I was competing as Miss Orange County and decided to try out the official fitness sponsor for the pageant and called the staff at Core Arts Pilates. I immediately fell in love with how my body felt going through the exercises and beginning the connection between my mind and body as I worked towards my goals. Originally, I had planned on attending class once a week but soon I was in the studio almost every day and multiple times a day. I saw the effects Pilates had on my body and the hard work paid off as I placed in the top ten at the Miss California competition. After the pageant years, I continued practicing Pilates as a way to continue developing a deeper connection with my body.
What inspired you to become a Pilates instructor?
After experiencing the results of Pilates myself, I decided I wanted to learn the craft to better understand the method and magic behind the practice. I believe knowing the why and how for each Pilates exercise and movement could help benefit my own personal practice. In addition, I have always felt a compassion to help others. My journey to become a Pilates instructor may have started to help my own personal fitness, but it quickly evolved into wanting to reach out and assist others in their fitness goals. This new ability to provide a service to better the lives of others is more rewarding than I could have hoped and continues to be the reason I am excited for each session with a client.
What has surprised you about being a Pilates apprentice?
The biggest surprise has been gaining the ability to see the needs of a client, whether it be physical or emotional. With the knowledge and confidence I have gained during my time as an apprentice, I am excited to be able to provide them a service that best suits them.
What is your favorite Pilates exercise so far?
I love the snake and twist. It used to be the most challenging exercise for me and I was certain my body was not capable of moving that way, but after a lot of training I am now confident in this movement and look forward to practicing it.
What do you plan on doing once you become a certified instructor?
I plan on continuing teaching Pilates and encouraging each client of mine to move one step closer to achieving their personal and fitness goals. I hope to be able to give my clients the confidence and strength I have gained from my own personal experience in practicing Pilates.
Why did you choose to get certified at Core Arts?
I researched a few places before hearing about the Core Arts program, but once I did it became clear that working with Sharmila was the best choice considering her studio is where I began my Pilates journey. Learning from Sharmila the exact teachings of Joseph Pilates was very important to me and I knew I knowing how to teach the classical technique as Pilates was intended meant I was gaining the best training available. I have learned not only how to teach the Pilates exercises but how to connect with my clients and understand how to serve them beyond the studio. The program is challenging but in the end I felt I gained more knowledge surrounding Pilates than I would have at another program.
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