Core Arts Pilates

Core Arts Pilates

Orange County's Premier Pilates and GYROTONIC® Studio

At Core Arts Pilates, we offer the highest quality of Pilates and GYROTONIC® instruction in a supportive and welcoming environment. We offer Classical Pilates Certification courses, and is the the home of BodyStrategies for Dancers.

About Core Arts Pilates

Core Arts Pilates offers excellent instruction on Classical Pilates, GYROTONIC® and BodyStrategies for Dancers. Our faculty are all certified instructors having each gone through 600+ hours in practical and theoretical training. Our principal instructor has teaching certifications...

Benefits of Pilates

Promotes Weight Loss and Lean Appearance. Combined with aerobic activity, Pilates is the best body toning and weight loss method. Unlike typical gym exercises, the approach is gentler on the body’s joints and muscles without...

Pilates Certification

Get Certified with Core Arts Pilates Today Are you looking to deepen your understanding of Pilates and become a certified instructor? If so, Core Arts Pilates has the perfect program for you. We now offer...

Pilates Online Classes

As an alternative to in-person classes, we offer excellent Pilates classes online. Please contact us to book an appointment today by calling (714) 970-7068 or Pilates and BodyStrategies Online Classes via video conferencing Core...

Classical Pilates

We offer excellent Pilates instruction in the Anaheim-Orange County area. Our classical Pilates instructors are all fully certified instructors, having gone through a rigorous training via traditional Pilates apprenticeship programs.
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The GYROTONIC® Method is an effective exercise method that helps increase circulation, cardiovascular stimulation, joint mobility, strengthening of the nervous system, spine mobilization, and improved coordination.
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BodyStrategies for Dancers

BodyStrategies enforces tested dance conditioning techniques, along with the latest innovations in the dance medicine practice aimed at the optimization of a dancer’s athleticism, plus the principles and techniques of classical Pilates.
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Natalie and Sydney

Natalie and Sydney Thomas offer their thoughts on how Core Arts Pilates resulted in positive effects in Sydney's body movement.
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Jamie and Kayloni

Jamie discusses Kayloni's road to recovery after being diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia and a frayed labrum, which includes a regular schedule of Pilates at Core Arts Pilates in Anaheim, California.
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Samuel Downing

Samuel Downing from the U.K. becomes the first international student to be certified in BodyStrategies for Dancers.
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Karla Bequer

Karla talks about how Pilates alleviated her chronic neck pain.
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Krista and Autumn

Krista and Autumn Miller talk about how Pilates benefits dancers.
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Tamara on mobility

Tamara talks about how Pilates has helped her mobility as well as the culture at Core Arts.
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Crystal Lee

Crystal Lee talks about her journey preparing for the 2013 Miss America Pageant
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